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Terms and Conditions


The web page is represented by the company PANAMA BABY RENTALS, S.A., a Panamanian company duly registered in the Public Registry, according to the laws of the Republic of Panama.

Through this website the customer contracts the services of renting our baby equipment. All the items that PANAMA BABY RENTALS rent are of the highest quality, of recognized brands in the international market and are in perfect conditions of conservation, hygiene and security.

The rental of baby products is subject to the availability of the same, which will be reflected in real time through the web reservation system. In case of unavailability of the same for technical reasons or force majeure, we will notify you via e-mail, cell phone or telephone, to the contact that you have indicated to us as soon as possible, and if you have made any payment, you will be returned immediately. The articles that are delivered can vary with respect to the photos of the website, in color and / or make and model, but never in terms of their performance and quality. These small variations will be communicated to the client as far as possible, upon confirming the reservation.

The payment methods to be used at the moment are:

• Bank transfers (only local), which must be made prior to the date of delivery of the products.
• Cash, when you receive the products in your hands.

The prices of the products are detailed on our website (by days, weeks and months). In the summary of your order and in our reservation confirmation email, the total amount to be paid will appear. PANAMA BABY RENTALS, requires payment of a deposit for each item rented, which is also indicated on our website. This payment must be paid together with the rental payment. In case of renting several items, the deposit will be equivalent to the sum of the deposit amounts of each of them.

PANAMA BABY RENTALS allows the cancellation and modification of your reservations.

• In case of cancellation, it must be notified at least 12 hours in advance.
• In the case of a reservation modification, you must also notify at least 12 hours before the scheduled time and date of delivery, and will be subject to the availability of the inventory at that time.
• In case of changes, less than 12 hours in advance, the originally planned time and date may vary, after notification, depending on the availability of the moment.
• If you want to extend the duration of the contract, a new reservation must be formalized.
• The contract can not be canceled once the rental period has started.

PANAMA BABY RENTALS reserves the right to cancel the contract if one or more of the following situations occur:

• You do not have material for delivery.
• If the delivery zone is outside of the center of

Panama City. In the event that the customer has paid for his reservation, he will proceed to return the amounts paid to him as soon as possible and always before 24 hours from the moment of the cancellation. The return will be made in the same way as the payment was made.

PANAMA BABY RENTALS only makes deliveries and pick up at Panama Centro (main city of Panama) PANAMA BABY RENTALS will deliver the equipment rented at the place, time and date agreed with the client. The equipment must be received by the person who made the rental process online. In case that person can not receive it, it must give written instructions to PANAMA BABY RENTALS of who will receive it and will assume the responsibility to verify the equipment at the time of the delivery. The delivery of the products can only be done in the hours enabled for the delivery service. The approximate date and time will be agreed with the client at the time of confirmation of the rental. If there is no one at the time of delivery or collection of the products, you will be given a notification, and PANAMA BABY RENTALS will try to contact you to establish a new time and place of delivery or return. In this case, PANAMA BABY RENTALS reserves the right to deliver the equipment once the rental period has begun; As well as reserves the right to charge an additional charge for the second transport.

The deposit will be refunded provided that the equipment is returned on the last day of the rental, under the same conditions of conservation and cleanliness in which it was delivered and that the payment of the total effective duration of the rent has been made. If the equipment was returned late, damaged or dirty, or if payment had not been made, PANAMA BABY RENTALS reserves the right not to return the deposit or return it partially. If the deposit will not cover the cost incurred in repairing or replacing the damaged equipment, the delay in the return, or if the transfer did not take effect; We reserve the right to require you to pay an additional amount to be able to assume such cost.

The client undertakes to:

• Check the material at the time of delivery to confirm that it is in good condition, clean, works and meets your needs. If you notice any anomalies or defects, you must indicate them immediately to replace them as soon as possible. If there is no report that indicates otherwise and the material delivery sheet is signed without observation, it will be understood that the equipment has been delivered in good condition, that it works, and that in the same way it must be returned
• Carefully read and follow the instructions provided by PANAMA BABY RENTALS.
• Take care of the equipment, monitor it and assemble and dismantle it according to the instructions given to it. PANAMA BABY RENTALS is not responsible for damages caused to property or third parties due to the use of the equipment during the rental period by the client.
• Rent the equipment solely for private use and for the purpose that has been rented; In no case is authorized to sublet them or transfer them to third parties.
• You must immediately notify the loss, theft or breakage of any equipment rented or part thereof to PANAMA BABY RENTALS, being responsible for it.
• In case of theft, it will be justified with the corresponding police report, and PANAMA BABY RENTALS would apply the withholding of the corresponding bond.
• If the equipment is returned with serious damage and breakdowns that affect its operation and safety, and make the equipment temporarily or permanently unusable, making it unfeasible to continue to rent; The customer will be responsible for the repair or replacement for an equal product and we reserve the right to withhold the bond until then.
• Accept the conditions described in this contract and its compliance for the duration of the rental and until the equipment has returned to PANAMA BABY RENTALS.

PANAMA BABY RENTALS undertakes to:

• To submit all equipment, after each rental, to two processes: one of HYGIENIZATION with ecological products innocuous for babies, and another of REVISION so that they are in perfect condition to re-rent them.
• Delivery of the rented product at the place, time and date coordinated with the client.
• Delivery of the instructions for use of the leased products.

By accepting the use of equipment leased for infants and children of PANAMA BABY RENTALS, the customer confirms that such items will be used at their own risk. PANAMA BABY RENTALS, employees, and partners will never be responsible for accidents or damages caused directly or indirectly by the use or misuse of equipment rented.

PANAMA BABY RENTALS is not responsible for delays caused by causes beyond its control such as extraordinary meteorological phenomena, modifications or road traffic cuts, delay in the return of equipment by another customer, strikes or delays in public transportation or other causes of force majeure, and can not be held liable for the consequences thereof or request compensation in this regard from the client or third parties.

PANAMA BABY RENTALS guarantees the confidentiality of personal data provided by users and their treatment in accordance with current legislation on the protection of personal data.

This agreement shall be governed in all its points by the laws in force in the Republic of Panama. Any dispute arising out of this agreement, its existence, validity, interpretation, scope or fulfillment shall be submitted to the ordinary courts of justice with jurisdiction in the City of Panama, and the procedures shall be carried out in the Castilian language.

The client and PANAMA BABY RENTALS state:

• Have carefully read all the conditions contained in this contract and accept them without exception.
• Who has knowledge about the policies of proper use of the internet, published on the website.
• That the information provided by the parties is true and can be verified by PANAMA BABY RENTALS.
• That the obligations contracted through this contract will provide sufficient merit to proceed against the client to obtain payment of the sums owed to PANAMA BABY RENTALS under this agreement. For all legal purposes, the correct and true balances of the debt will be those recorded in the books and records of PANAMA BABY RENTALS.
• It is understood and agreed that if any provision of this Agreement is found to be unlawful, invalid, void, or for any reason unenforceable under the laws of the Republic of Panama, such invalidation shall not invalidate the entire document, Shall be construed as not including any stipulation or stipulations that are declared void. Likewise, all the titles that head each article, are descriptive only and do not exhaust the content of the same.
• The delay or omission of PANAMA BABY RENTALS in demanding the strict compliance of these Terms and Conditions can not be interpreted as a waiver of their rights.