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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1. How do I reserve equipment?

Click on rental products, then choose the products you want, selecting the time for which you want and the quantity, and then when you finish click SELECT.

When you finish selecting all the products you want, go to the shopping cart where you will see a screen to check your order and then fill out the form with your personal details, and you are ready! In the next few minutes you will receive an email from us confirming your order.

2. Are the products cleaned before delivery?

All our equipment is purchased new and kept in excellent condition. They are cleaned according to the manufacturing guide lines.

All blankets are washed with soft baby soaps and articles disinfected with high quality products.

We pride ourselves on the high level of hygiene we offer, so we make sure every item is cleaned, washed and disinfected when returned, and inspected thoroughly before any new rentals.

3. Can I make changes or cancellations to my reservation?

Yes. You can make any changes you need until 12 hours before the expected time and date of delivery, subject to the availability of the moment.

In case of changes, less than 12 hours in advance, the originally planned time and date may vary, after notification, depending on the availability of the moment.

4. What are the methods of payment?

We currently have three methods of payment:

  • By bank transfer (applies only for transfers through local banks and must be made prior to the delivery of the products).
  • Cash when delivering your products.
  • PayPal system.

5. How far in advance should I make my reservation?

The more time before, the better.

The minimum time is 3 days in advance, but in case of requiring the service with less time in advance we can adjust to your needs as our product availability allows us.

6. Is there an additional charge for home delivery?

For purchases or rentals of more than fourty dollars ($ 40.00) the address is totally free. Purchases or rentals of less than fourty dollars ($ 40.00) will carry a fixed transportation charge of only six dollars ($ 6.00).

7. In what conditions should I return the rented equipment?

As our priority is to deliver products with a high level of hygiene, we ask our customers to return the items in a good state of cleanliness. They should be vacuumed and cleaned with damp cloths.

8. Do you install the car seats?

No. We only make the delivery of the equipment and we make sure to offer you the written instructions for its installation and if necessary we can provide you a video of your manufacturer, through a link.

9. Can I only buy basic necessities without having to rent equipment?

Of course. You can make your request for what you need and we will deliver it at the same time and place as you indicate.

10. Can I extend the time of my rental once it is completed?

Yes. As long as there is availability, so you must contact us 24 hours before the end of your rental time.